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id-days rather than with Decembe▓r evenings.But a strong financial backing i●s nowhere so indispensable 105as in hostel▓ries offering “European accommod●ations” in the Orient.There were, undo▓ubtedly, scores of native inns in the maze of▓ hovels into which I plunged at t▓he first step off t


he avenue, b


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nguish them when


the onl●

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y signs that met my eye were ▓as meaningless as so many spatters of ink▓ Even in Holland I had been able to guess at s●hop names.But Arabic! I had ▓not the remotest idea whether th●e ensign before me announced a l

odging▓ house or the quarters of an u▓ndertaker.I returned to the avenue; but ▓the few white men who paused t

o listen to my in▓quiry for a “native” hotel star●ed at me as at one who had lost his wits, an▓d passed o



n with a shrug of the shoulders.▓A long evening I pattered in and out of▓ crooked byways, bumping

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    o s▓narled at me and made off, and▓ brin

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    ging up here and there in▓ some dismal blin

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    d alley.Fearful of wande●ring too far f

in his dema

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to ▓find a lodging

tter, so long as it announced i●tself in a human language, and I dashed joyf▓ully towa

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Eur▓ope was a far m

rds it. The “Ho●me” comprised little more than a sm▓all reading-room.Half-hidden

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wel●l-dressed white

behind the● stacks of ragged magazines s●at the “manager,” a Maltese boy, huddled ov

  • my footsteps,
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howling thre

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    hini●ng image01

    pointe /point/

    er ●paper and pencil and staring ▓di

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    port de bras /?p?r d? ?br?/

    sconsolately at an Italian-English gr▓ammar.I stepped forward and offered m

    acked tr
  • image03 eble▓

    pli路茅 /pl膿?膩/

    y assistan▓ce, and together we waded throu●gh an interminable lesson

    , now in
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    a路da路gio /??d?j艒/

    .Before we h▓ad ended, six tattered white ●men wan

    ive Arab
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    dered in and carefully chose book●s over which to fall asleep. “Y▓ou must know,”

    in such
  • image06 English▓

    glis路sade /gli?s?d/

    said the manag▓er, as he closed the grammar, “that ●there am no sleepings here.And we● closes at eleven.But I

    as he co
  • image07 uld mu

    je路t茅 /zh?-?t膩/

    am fix● you oop.I am shelter all these seamans ●while I lose m

  • image08 summary

    pi路qu茅 /p膿?k膩/

    y place when the Cathol▓ic society found it out.” ▓He peered out into the night, locked the door●s, blew out

  • image09 駈ce of

    pi路qu茅 /p膿?k膩/

    the lights, and arou●sed the sleepers.We groped our way along ▓a stone-paved corridor to the back of the ●buildin

    the Isla
  • image10 mites, p

    pi路qu茅 /p膿?k膩/

    g. “You are getting in h▓ere,” said the Maltese, pulli●ng open what proved by morning light to▓ be a heavy p

  • image11 d with ?/span>

    pi路qu茅 /p膿?k膩/

    air of shutters,▓ “but be quietness.” I climbed throug●h after the others.A companion struck a ●match that l

    駍uch fu
  • image12 llness o

    pi路qu茅 /p膿?k膩/

    ighted up a stone room eight f▓eet square, once the kitchen of the Home.Closel▓y packed as we were, it soon grew i

    f detail

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    • men lounged

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tone floor.Two “bea●chcombers” rose with exclamations of● disgust 106and crawled out through the

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▓window, to tramp up and down the cor▓ridor.I groped my way to a coffin-shape●d cupboard in one

corner, laid it length▓wise on the floor, pulled out th

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